NearHub Board S55

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  • Free Shipping within 3 daysFree Shipping within 3 days
  • 30-Day Return30-Day Return
  • Hassle-Free WarrantyHassle-Free Warranty
  • Lifetime Customer SupportLifetime Customer Support
  • Hybrid collaboration on free infinite canvas
  • Connect your team with built-in Zoom or Teams within 10 seconds
  • AI enabled immersive gallery view with built-in 24-mic and 4K camera
From $2,899$3,299
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Most Immersive All-in-one Whiteboard

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What is a NearHub Board?


It’s a giant Android/Windows Tablet with all your go-to apps for productive work

NearHub Board could also install Windows system via OPS.


It's a whiteboard for hybrid collaboration freely-switching between online and onsite


It's a superior conferencing solution to bring teams even closer.


It's an accessible intelligent monitor for interactive teaching and learning.


The Most Powerful, Fast and Portable

All-in-one Collaboration Hub

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Powered by NearHubOS

Connect Your Teams. Streamline Your Workflow

The simple power of NearHubOS makes meetings more meaningful, real time collaboration more engaging, and presentations more impactful.

Open System Based on AndroidOS

NearHubOS, built on the foundation of AndroidOS, is specifically designed to optimize touchscreen functionality. You can enrich your ideas through annotations, view multiple windows using split-screen mode, and initiate meetings with a single click.

*NearHub Board could also install Windows system via OPS.


Work with Loved Apps from Google Play and NearHub App Store

NearHubOS seamlessly integrates Android 11 runtime, enabling full support for the Google Play Store and your favorite touchscreen-friendly apps. That means easy and fast adoption throughout organizations with minimal support from IT teams.

App Integration List ->

Unleash Your Meeting Room Potential without Lock-in

You can connect your team seamlessly with Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet. From the NearHub homescreen, you can effortlessly view today's meetings with Zoom Calendar and join them with a single tap.


Upgrade Your Home Entertainment with the Super Smart TV

NearHub offers a seamless transition from home office to home theater. You can enjoy effortless streaming with your favorite apps such as Youtube, Netflix and Hulu, and easily integrate your Apple TV and game consoles into the NearHub Board.



Where Hybrid Teams Collaborate Across Any Device

Ignite team-wide creativity with NearHub Canvas whiteboard. Capture and collaborate on ideas instantly in the cloud.

Ideate Together on An Infinite Canvas, from Any Device

NearHub Canvas offers multi-device support, allowing seamless collaboration on a NearHub Board, web browser, tablet, or phone from anywhere. Collaborators can add feedback and ideas using comments to drive team discussions effectively.

Download NearHub Canvas ->

Unleash Your Creativity with Freehand Stylus and Brush Mode

Equipped with 20 touchpoints, the NearHub Board supports 20 people writing simultaneously with the passive stylus and comes with a variety of pre-installed brush modes and graphic templates.


Get What You Want Faster from Templates Library

You can easily save time using hundreds of ready-to-use templates like Process Flowchart, Empathy Map and SWOT Analysis for common use cases and proven methods.



Make Your Presentation More Engaging

Engage your audience like never before with rich, advanced features for presentation, annotation, and collaboration.

Frictionless Screencast as You Want

You can cast any files from any device—computer, tablet, or smartphone—to the NearHub Board with HDMI-in, USB-C ports, or wireless screen casting. Introducing our Dual Mode WiFi Module design, by enabling the AP mode, you can enjoy seamless screencasting even in a no-network environment.

Tutorial Videos about Screencast ->

Elevate Feedback and Comments with Smart Annotation

NearHub empowers you to elevate productivity by importing PDFs and images into the Canvas, allowing easy and seamless annotation directly on the files. Besides, you can also annotate on third-party apps and effortlessly share the collected annotations to the Canvas.


Unlock the Power of Multiscreen Meeting Experiences with NearHub

With Touchback function, mobile devices can be operated from the NearHub Board to manage writing, drawing, annotating and presenting.

* Touchback function is available when you use eshare app or when you connect both HDMI and type-B ports of NearHub to your computer.

You can enhance the NearHub Board by connecting larger format LED display to HDMI out port of NearHub.


Room Solution

Make Meetings More Productive

Create an immersive hybrid meeting experience in any space with the all-in-one board powered by built-in 4K camera, 24-mic, and speaker.

Make Meetings Immersive Than Ever

With the beamforming microphone array and 4K AI camera, NearHub Board offers versatile camera modes including Gallery View, Speaker Tracking and Auto Framing to create more immersive hybrid meeting experience.


Make Sure Everyone is Heard Clearly

The deep learning model applied upon the generous 24-mic beamforming array filters out more than 300 noises, including typing, writing on the display, and air conditioning.

NearHub ProperClean Technology +

Compatible Across Conferencing Platforms

NearHub Board seamlessly integrates with your favorite meeting apps such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, WebEx and so on. You can start a immersive conference call with just one click.


Instant Device Access and Management

IT teams can easily access and manage all NearHub boards instantly through NearSync, which is the cluster device management tool. With the easy-to-use tool, IT teams can update device firmware, turn the screen on/off, install apps and deliver a message to all panels.


Feel Completely Immersed with NearHub Wide Angle AI-powered Camera

/products/s55/Auto-Framing.png Meeting with Auto Framing

/products/s55/Gallery-View.png Meeting with Gallery View

/products/s55/Speaker-Tracking.png Meeting with Speaker Tracking

Listen to What Our Built-in Mics Array is Capable of

  • Up Close
  • 3 Meters
  • 5 Meters
  • 7 Meters

Security & Compliance

The confidence you need to deploy at scale

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    Fleet Management

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    SCIM Provisioning

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    Enterprise APIs

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    API Key Management

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    OTA Updates

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    SSO Authentication

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