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NearHub Buyer's FAQ

NearHub Board

Is NearHub S55 a standalone system?

  • Q: Is the NearHub Board S55 a standalone system or do I need a computer with it?
  • A: NearHub S55 is an all-in-one hybrid collaboration and teaching solution that combines an interactive digital whiteboard with a built-in 8-core processor, NearHubOS based on Android, Canvas app, SmartCam, 24-element Microphone Array and the NearHub companion app on web, tablet and mobile

What are the dimensions?

  • Q: What are the NearHub Board dimensions?
  • A: The NearHub S55 is 50.1" (width) x 30.4" (height) x 3.0" (depth)
      Diagonal screen size: 55″
      Product dimensions: 50.1″ (width) x 30.4″ (height) x 3.0″ (depth)
      Product weight: 57.2 lb
      Mount: 200mm x 200mm

Is there audio and microphone in NearHub S55?

  • Q: Is there built-in audio and microphone in NearHub Board S55?
  • A: NearHub S55 has 2 built-in speakers and 24-element microphone array built-in microphone, based on self-developed Lossless Sound Enhancement Technology and Air Conditioner Noise Reducing Technology, which can provide customers with a better meeting and teaching environment.

Do I need to purchase an extra camera?

  • Q: Do I need to purchase an extra camera?
  • A: To provide the best video conferencing experience, NearHub S55 offers a built-in AI-powered camera (no extra fee), which comes equipped with image enhancement, noise cancellation, and AI features such as Speaker Tracking, Closeup Group, Auto Framing and more.

What operating system does NearHub Board run on?

  • Q: What operating system does NearHub run on?
  • A: NearHub S55 runs on NearHubOS, an operating system based on Android. Android apps are also able to run on NearHub. [Learn more]

NearHub SaaS

Does NearHub SaaS have a subscription fee?

  • Q: Does NearHub SaaS have a subscription fee?
  • A: NearHub SaaS has four plans: Free, Business, Education and Enterprise.
      The Free plan includes 4 editable boards, full template library, all canvas tools, unlimited visitor access and e-mail service support.
      If you are an existing NearHub Free customer, most of the SaaS features you enjoy today will be free forever. More advanced collaboration, customization, project management, admin, enterprise-grade security and cloud storage features will be added to the Business and Enterprise plans.
      In addition, for educational users, the Education plan also introduces extra discounts up to 20% OFF. [Learn more]

How do I get started on NearHub SaaS?

  • Q: How do I get started on NearHub SaaS?
  • A: When you sign up, you’re on the Free plan by default. The Free plan is designed for teams just starting out with visual collaboration: you can invite as many team members and create as many boards as you want, but only 4 boards will be active and editable at once. For more advanced collaboration functionality, check out our Business or Enterprise plans.

Can teammates collaborate on NearHub simultaneously?

  • Q: Can multiple people collaborate on NearHub at the same time? What is the limit?
  • A: NearHub Board supports up to 6 collaborators using the board at the same time, with 20 simultaneous touchpoints.
      You can also share and collaborate on the same board with Nearhub SaaS, our cloud-based app that has no limit on the number of participants in a single session. Join a Canvas session from additional NearHub Boards, computer browsers, tablets or mobile.

Why choose NearHub over other visual collaboration platforms?

  • Q: Why choose NearHub over other visual collaboration platforms?
  • A: We have a lot of responses to this question! But the biggest reason is because NearHub is more than a pure online whiteboard. In addition to every plan including intuitive collaboration features, infinite and resizable canvas options, Mural offers deep expertise in transforming the way enterprise teams collaborate and solve hard problems together. Please contact our team if you’d like to learn even more.

Are there any special discounts for educators and students?

  • Q: Are there any special discounts for educators and students?
  • A: Yes! NearHub is proud to support educators, students, and nonprofits with special programs. For accounts registered with EDU mailboxes, NearHub has specially launched an Education Plan with an additional 20% discount based on the Business plan. If educational institutions or schools have customized needs, Please contact our team for more information about NearHub for education.

Is my data secure on NearHub?

We care deeply about data privacy and security and strive to keep our security practices industry-leading. Learn more about data security on our website, check out our assessment on the Cloud Security Alliance website, or contact us directly with any questions.


What wireless screencast methods does NearHub support?

  • Q: What wireless screencast methods dose NearHub support?
  • A: NearHub S55 supports screencasting from a variety of devices. Please see the options below:
      PS: Touchback only supported via Eshare and HDMI

Does NearHub support screencasting in AP mode?

  • Q: Does NearHub support screencasting in AP mode?
  • A: Dual wifi module design, after enabling the Hotpot, NearHub S55 can still achieve screencast even in a no-network environment. In AP mode, NearHub S55 can connect up to 8 devices at the same time.

Can I draw over the screencast?

  • Q: Can I draw over the wireless screencast or the HDMI-connected display?
  • A: You can draw over the wireless screencast and HDMI display content connected via the HDMI-in port. Use our annotation feature to mark up videos, website pages, and presentations. You can also take screenshots or screen recordings and save them on your NearHub.