NearHub Board S55

From $2,899

Meet NearHub Board S55

Immersive meetings with built-in camera and mics

Real-time collaboration on an infinite canvas

BYOM for flexible hybrid working solution

Go Beyond Vibe Board, the Real All-in-one Smart Whiteboard


Elevate Your Workspace: See How NearHub Stacks Up

NearHub Board S55

Save $400
  • 4K UHD Touchscreen with 20/40 Touchpoints
  • Built-in AI Camera, 24-Element Microphone Array
  • Open Ecosystem with 200+ Apps
  • Unlimited Online and Local Canvases
  • Plug & Play Screencast and BYOM Supported

Vibe Board S1 55“

  • 4K UHD Touchscreen with only 10 Touchpoints
  • Built-in Camera and Mics Not Included
  • Open Ecosystem with 200+ Apps
  • Only Unlimited Online Canvases
  • Only Plug & Play Screencast Supported
For Hybrid Workplace

Bring Your Teams Together

For Classroom

Spark Classroom Engagement

See NearHub in Action

Watch the 4 min demo to learn how NearHub can transform your workspace.
  • All-in-one huddle room solution
  • One-click video conferencing experience
  • Cloud-based whiteboard app - NearHub Canvas
  • Screen share and annotation
  • Streamlined workflow with third-party apps


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Team Collaboration


Teams improved

Remote Communication

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