• Unlimited Space

    The Online Whiteboard with space for all your ideas

  • Moderation

    Arrange project management and work scheduling with NearHub SaaS

  • Live Cursor

    Mouse cursor with username

  • Data Import

    Work with different Data formats on your board

  • Board history

    Manage updating versions and users‘ change history

  • Role Administration

    Control user access and rights

  • Templates

    A wide range of ready-made templates for you to choose

  • Project Management

    Organization, management of tasks and mentions

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All-in-one teaching tool

  • Import files of any format like PDF, lmage, etc into the whiteboard and annotate as needed.
  • Timer plug-in specially designed for teaching scenarios to meet timed needs.
  • Streamline your classes with integrations to Canvas, Word, Power Point, and more.

Engage your students wherever they are

  • Interact simultaneously with up to 20/40 multi-touch points.
  • Keep class interactive with HDMI and touchback support.
  • Cast anything to the big screen from any device–whether it’s Windows, iOS, Mac or Android.

More efficient expression & interaction

  • Engage across devices: Students can participate from their laptop, tablet, or phone with NearHub Canvas to provide instant feedback or ask questions during class.
  • Access from anywhere: Empower learning with the flexibility and mobility of cloud-shared materials.
  • Play with interactive games like Hangman, Pictionary, Sudoku, Chess, Kahoot!, ABC Mouse, and more.
  • Stream on-screen: Watch YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Disney+, and more — right on NearHub’s screen.

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NearHub Board Overview

The world's most powerful, fast, portable and innovative all-in-one solution for immersive hybrid collaboration. NearHub Interactive Whiteboard reinvents collaborative brainstorming, video conferencing, hybrid teaching, and more.

NearHub Installation

Portability is one of the many qreat benefits of the NearHub Board all-in-one system. Check out this unboxing video to see how we install the whiteboard and stand. Let's put our NearHub together.

NearHub Demo Spot

Watch the 5 min demo to get to know NearHub in real.



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