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What can Webinarers Do with Zoom Webinar

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By The NEARHUB Team April 11, 2023
Zoom Webinarer

Webinarers usually prefer a platform which can allow a large audience to participate in a webinar at the same time. Zoom Webinar is an ideal choice for them.

What is Zoom Webinar? 

Webinars enable you to engage with a vast online audience by sharing video, audio, and content from any location and device. Additionally, most organizations offer recordings of their webinars, enabling people to re-watch or watch the original webinar for the first time if they were unable to attend the live event.

While a webinar typically features one or several key speakers or presenters addressing a large audience, a video conference is usually a smaller meeting that supports informal discussions between all participants.

Zoom Meetings vs Zoom Webinars

It is possible to deliver a virtual world-class event seamlessly by using Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars. These two solutions can support various interactive and engaging online events; however, there are a few crucial differences when using Zoom for meetings and Zoom for webinars.

Zoom Meetings are designed for connecting a group of people for two-way discussion and collaboration, which means they are most suitable for group collaboration, team meetings, sales demos, online learning and training, and office hours. Meetings enable all participants to interact and share with each other and the host easily.

Zoom Webinars are ideal for presenting to a large audience where the host desires more control over the experience, and audience members join without their audio or video on. The primary focus in webinars is on the presenter or panelists, and the audience joins to listen and learn, asking questions at the end. Zoom Webinar supports large internal and external events, including company all-hands, city council meetings, product announcements, customer conferences, concerts, and religious gatherings.

The following picture can help you decide when to use paid meetings features versus webinars.

Features of Zoom Webinars

Zoom Webinars are an add-on to your paid Zoom Meeting license, providing a tool to connect and engage audiences worldwide. Utilizing Zoom for webinars offers the same high-quality video and reliability as Zoom Meetings, ensuring a seamless experience for everyone.

Here are some key features that can make your online events engaging and impactful when using Zoom for webinars:

  • Registration: Require registration and customize your registration page to capture your desired fields.
  • Branding: Customize your webinar registration page with a color scheme, title, banner, logo, and speaker information.
  • Source tracking URLs: Create unique links to see where your registrants are coming from if you share the webinar registration page in multiple locations.
  • Q&A: Attendees can submit questions during the webinar, and the host, co-hosts, and panelists can answer them. Attendees can also answer and upvote other attendees' questions. After the webinar, you can download the Q&A report to review the questions that were submitted.
  • PayPal and EventBrite integrations: Charge a registration fee for your webinars using PayPal, or sell tickets and manage registrations with EventBrite.
  • Post-webinar survey: Set up a survey that will appear post-event to gain feedback on how your event went.
  • Attendee view management: Show panelists, the active speaker, and the presentation at the same time with three-screen support. Hosts can also spotlight multiple users' videos and rearrange the order of the Gallery View.
  • Streaming: Reach an even wider audience by streaming to YouTube Live, Facebook Live, or a custom streaming platform.

How to use Zoom Webinar?

To schedule your webinar, you need to select a date, time, and a topic for your webinar, and determine and invite the panelists, because Zoom Webinars can require advance registration from attendees, with approval being either automatic or manual. Or Zoom Webinar registration can be turned off so attendees can join without registration by clicking a link at the time of the webinar.

When choosing the link option, make sure to use tracking URLs in your social media and publicity efforts to track the best sources of attendees. Webinars can be held once, recur in a series or a weekly office hour, or the same session can be held multiple times, and you can also record webinars and use them as a resource for others to watch at their leisure.

To schedule a webinar with registration, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Zoom account and click on the "Webinars" tab.
  2. Click on the "Schedule a Webinar" button. Fill out the necessary details, such as the date, time, and topic of the webinar, and remember to determine if webinar will be recurring, and if so, at what intervals.
  3. And then determine and invite the panelists.
  4. Choose the registration option and customize your registration page, so attendees are either manually approved or automatically approved. Or attendees can simply enter their name and email information.
  5. Set up automatic or manual approval for registrants.
  6. Create tracking URLs for your social media and publicity efforts.
  7. Choose whether the webinar will be a one-time event, a recurring series, or a weekly office hour and set up a post-webinar survey.
  8. Save the webinar as template for future use. This works well for a weekly product demo, live roundtable, or a webinar series.

If you have completed these steps, you can share the registration link with your audience and start promoting your event. If you meet any problems during the process, you can visit here

Generally, Zoom Webinar is a very useful and efficient tool for webinarers who attend a very big online seminar. If you want to view more about Zoom, you can click these links: How to fix Zoom error code 10004; What is Cornell Zoom; What is UIUC Zoom; 100 Free Zoom Backgrounds. And if you are interested in finding a handy tool to held webinar, we highly recommend NearHub


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