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What is Webinarer and How to Become a Qualified Webinarer

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By The NEARHUB Team April 13, 2023

A webinarer, or webinar-er, is a person who hosts an online seminar. A webinarer has many responsibilities and we offer some tips for new webinarers. Read on to view more.

What is a webinarer?

A webinarer, or webinar-er, is a person who hosts a webinar. And "webinar" is a combination of "seminar" and "web", which could be an event hosted online, like a lecture or a workshop.

What are the webinarers' goals? 

The goals and purposes of running a webinar may differ based on the webinarer's position. Webinarers may often have the title of event marketer, field marketer, product marketer, etc. For instance, the objective of a webinar could be to onboard a considerable number of customers, to showcase and emphasize product updates, or simply to create content. Irrespective of the role, there are usually three significant goals or metrics that the webinarer must achieve for each webinar: registration numbers, attendance numbers, and demo requests.

  • Registration numbers

The number of registrations indicates to the webinarer that their subject matter is striking a chord with their audience. Even if the registrants do not attend, the webinar still obtains their email address, which can be utilized to nurture them in the future, and this is always an advantage of webinars.

  • Attendance numbers

Compared to registration numbers, attendee engagement is a more powerful indicator to the webinarer, showing whether the topic or agenda is appealing to the target audience. Additionally, it offers a list of prospects with high purchasing intent for the sales team to pursue.

  • Demo requests

The primary objective of a webinar is to generate pipelines. One of the clearest leading indicators of pipeline generated as a result of hosting a webinar is the number of demo requests and meetings booked after the webinar.

Besides, there may be other goals associated with hosting a webinar program or webinar series that a webinarer is responsible for, such as brand awareness, audience engagement or pieces of content generated after a webinar.

What are the jobs of a webinarer?

The jobs of a webinarer can be divided into three parts: pre-webinar; during webinar and post-webinar.


The preparation work before a webinar plays a significant role in the whole process. And generally a webinarer has to pay more time and energy in this period than the next two.

1. Focusing on the program goals of your marketing team

To execute a successful webinar, it is crucial to align with the marketing team on program goals. This includes selecting the webinar topic, identifying the target audience, scheduling the webinar, coordinating speakers and planning the run of the show. 

2. Promotion planning

Promotion planning is also essential, and it involves leveraging various marketing channels such as social media, email marketing, paid SEO, paid ads, webinar marketing partnerships, and influencer marketing. 

3. Content creation

The creative team plays a vital role in creating assets for the webinar, promotion plans, and registration page. While a webinarer often needs to participate in the creating process, so that he or she can know more details about the content.

4. Technical preparation 

Technical setup is another critical aspect of executing a webinar. This involves creating a registration page, setting up the webinar in the webinar software or platform, and loading assets into the webinar platform. Testing the webinar platform is also essential to ensure that everything runs smoothly during the live webinar experience. 

5. Dry-run of the webinar with involved parties

Dry-runs with involved parties are imperative to catch any last-minute hiccups that may occur during the live event.

During webinar

During the live webinar, a webinarer also has several critical responsibilities.

1. Hosting the webinar 

Hosting the webinar involves ensuring that everything runs smoothly, from starting and ending the webinar on time to managing technical issues that may arise. 

2. Fostering the interaction

And a webinarer also needs to engage with the audience, and keeps them interested and attentive throughout the webinar. This can be achieved through various means, such as asking questions, conducting polls, and encouraging live chat.

3. Moderating chat and Q&A

A webinarer must ensure that questions are answered in a timely and appropriate manner, and that the chat remains respectful and professional.

4. Delivering content throughout the webinar

This involves presenting the information in a clear and concise manner and using engaging visuals and examples.


Post-webinar, a webinarer's job is far from over. 

1. Attendee follow-up

Attendee follow-up is essential to maintain engagement and build relationships with potential customers, and this can be achieved through various means, such as sending thank-you emails, sharing additional resources, and conducting surveys to gauge satisfaction levels. 

2. Registrant follow up for absentees

Registrant follow-up for those that did not attend the webinar is also essential, as it provides an opportunity to nurture those who may be interested in our content.

3. Collect feedback on the webinar

Collecting feedback helps identify areas of improvement and can inform future webinars. This part can be combined with the attendee follow-up.

4. Analyze results of the webinar

A webinarer needs a team discussion to review the webinar he or she just hosted. The team can analyze results of the webinar after collecting enough feedback and compare their achievement with the goals listed before the webinar.

5. Create content from the webinar

Creating content from the webinar is an excellent way to repurpose the information presented and reach a wider audience. This can include short videos, quotes, screenshots, and other assets that can be shared on social media, blogs, and other marketing channels.

6. Deliver leads from the webinar to the sales team

Delivering leads from the webinar to the sales team is the ultimate goal of the webinarer. By providing qualified leads, the sales team can follow-up and close deals, ultimately contributing to the growth of the business. 

Overall, post-webinar activities are just as crucial as the planning and execution phases, as they help build relationships, improve future webinars, and drive business growth.

Tips for new webinarers

Since a webinarer’s job is complicated and sometimes tedious, here are some tips for new webinarers. 

  1. Learn more about your target audience and know what they need.
  2. Choose a captivating topic.
  3. Advertise the event on social media platforms.
  4. Inform your email subscribers about the event.
  5. Utilize your website to promote the event.
  6. Consider investing in paid advertising.
  7. Collaborate with another brand to promote your event.
  8. Continue marketing your event even after it has ended.

Final thoughts

A webinarer, the role of someone who runs a webinar program, is indispensable to the success of the program. A webinarer needs to possess skills in program management, content creation, technical support, and hosting to ensure the webinar runs smoothly and meets its objectives. It is essential to comprehend the roles, responsibilities, and goals of a webinar program and webinarer to create engaging webinars that generate leads for businesses. To know more about Zoom Webinars, please click what webinarers can do with Zoom Webinars.

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