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Why Companies Use Online Collaborative Productivity Softwares

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By The NEARHUB Team April 26, 2023
Online Collaborative Productivity Software

Collaboration and productivity are two key aspects that every organization strives to improve to achieve its goals. Interestingly, the power of online collaboration and productivity software has helped businesses accomplish goals more effectively and efficiently. With the right online collaborative productivity software, organizations can streamline workflows, maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and improve communication and collaboration among team members -  egardless of location.

So, what is online collaborative productivity software? Why do companies use it? Let's find out!

What is online collaborative productivity software?

Online collaborative productivity software refers to the various online applications and tools that enable real-time collaboration in a team setting. This software allows team members to share files, documents, and other files and work together regardless of location.

In traditional software applications companies would typically use to create documents, spreadsheets, or slide presentations, only one person could work on the document or file at a time, and once a change had been made, it would need to be saved and then shared with the next person in the workflow. With online collaborative productivity software, multiple people can work together on the document, spreadsheet or presentation simultaneously, while all changes are saved in real-time, thereby reducing errors, maximizing productivity and providing better teamwork.

Collaborative online software ranges from office suites like Microsoft 365 and Google Docs that have online features to services available with enhanced collaboration tools such as Basecamp, Asana, Trello, and Airtable. These collaborative tools provide a range of features beyond collaborative editing such as issue tracking, to-do lists, calendaring, and time tracking.

One of the biggest benefits of online collaborative productivity software is that it is cloud-based, meaning that team members have access to their work from any smart device, wherever there is an internet connection. This feature significantly boosts efficiency and enables time-sensitive and reactionary projects to be completed quickly.

Another significant advantage of online collaborative productivity software is that it provides companies control of their data. As data is stored in the cloud, several features have top-class security and privacy measures to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access.

Why do companies use online collaborative productivity software?

1. Easy Accessibility

Online collaborative productivity software provides easy accessibility and the flexibility to work from anywhere, any time. It eliminates the need for employees to be physically present in the office space to access important documents, communicate with team members or access specific software. Through cloud-based solutions, team members can work on projects from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection. In this way, companies can benefit from remote teams, reduce office costs, and increase productivity.

2. Better Communication

Collaboration is key for success within any team. Online collaborative productivity software provides not only the ability to collaborate in real-time but to communicate more effectively. These tools not only allow for individuals to connect and share their ideas with one another but also have quality built-in messaging solutions, whether they are in the same city or on opposite sides of the world. In this way, communication is not only more effective but is more secure, minimizing any risks.

3. Real-time Collaboration

The world today calls for a seamless and fast-paced working environment. Online collaborative productivity software supports real-time collaboration in that individuals can work on documents at the same time from different devices. By eliminating the need for individuals to send files back and forth, this eliminates issues related to duplicate files or submitting an outdated version. Additionally, real-time collaboration tools boost the creativity of teams, leading to better end products.

4. Increased Productivity

With easy accessibility and real-time collaboration, it is no surprise to note that online collaborative productivity software greatly benefits productivity. Employees can complete tasks faster, provide feedback, and make the changes required to keep the project always updated. Moreover, it ensures that work is conducted systematically and minimizes any chance of human errors. Online tools provide a high level of efficiency and provide users with the ability to manage and handle multiple tasks concurrently.

5. Better Control Over Work

When a company relies on traditional software, they have little control over what individuals do with shared documents, which can sometimes lead to errors or confusing changes. Conversely, with online collaborative productivity software, everything is streamlined, making it it easier to monitor what employees are working on, what changes they make and how they complete their work.

6. No limitations for teams working remotely

In traditional office-based settings, communication is limited to standard working hours. However, when teams are working remotely, this limitation disappears, and documentation is accessible to all around the clock. When companies use online collaborative productivity software, projects never need to stop or experience hiccups, and in this way, it can benefit companies who operate in different time zones.

7. Cost-Effective

Finally, the benefits of online collaborative productivity software also extend to cost savings in that companies can choose software that fits their budget requirements. Businesses don’t need to worry about ongoing maintenance, upgrades or file installations, reducing the company’s costs, and increasing efficiency. The cost savings of utilizing online applications can be significant, making it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes.

Let me introduce you to several online collaboration software.


Level up your teamwork with an intuitive digital whiteboard built for teams to do their best work together. Click here to get more details.

Come up with ideas

Better than a mindmap? Their team brainstorming templates will bring more minds to the table and turn good ideas into extraordinary work.

Connect as a team

Energizers and icebreakers help your team feel connected and open-minded so they can tackle big problems.

Make a plan

Sharing a strategic plan improves people’s sense of safety and expectation, leaving more brain space for creativity and innovation.

Coordinate and align

Honest retrospectives help your team get better and be happier over time.

For every kind of team

Get specialized templates and resources to meet your team’s specific needs.


Miro is your team's visual platform to connect, collaborate, and create — together.

Work together, wherever you work

In the office, remote, or a mix of the two, with Miro, your team can connect, collaborate, and co-create in one space no matter where you are.

Connect your tools, close your tabs

Whether you want to edit your Google Docs, resolve Jira issues, or collaborate over Zoom, Miro has 100+ integrations with tools you already use and love.

Built for the way you work



Meetings & Workshops

Scrum Events


Research & Design

Strategic Planning

Built for all kinds of teams

UX & Design


Product Management



Agile Coaches



One Board plus SaaS equals all you need. NearHub is the all-in-one solution for meeting rooms and classrooms, with the power of eight tools combined in one.

Infinite Canvas

Create anything on NearHub, Make it engaging and stand-out.

View micro details or the big picture with zoom controls.

Brush Mode

Use the stylus to draw with lifelike brushes and vivid colors.

Multi-device Support

Collaborate seamlessly on a NearHub smartboard, computer, iPad, or phone – from anywhere in the world.

Templates Library

Get what you want, faster.

One-click Sharing

Share ideation with your teamates through invitation code, e-mail, QR code or link.

Follow Mode

Click on the presenter's profile picture to follow their point of view, or invite participants to follow as you present.


To sum up, the advantages of online collaborative productivity software are apparent; better communication, easy accessibility, increased productivity, better control over work, no location limitations, and more cost-effective than traditional office-based software. With advancements in technology, online collaborative productivity software has made working from anywhere possible, elevating convenience, flexibility, and accessibility while removing any limitations in the way of productivity. There are various online collaborative productivity software applications to choose from, so research your options and choose the one that is the best fit for your company’s needs, size, and budget.

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