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What is Whiteboard Fox and How does it Work

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By The NEARHUB Team March 24, 2023
Whiteboard Fox
Online Whiteboard

Whiteboard Fox, or fox whiteboard, is a very handy online whiteboard. You can access Whiteboard Fox publicly by clicking here.

What is Whiteboard Fox

If you only need a one-time online whiteboard, then Whiteboard Fox is definitely the best choice for you, because it is a simple online whiteboard website that requires no registration. Of course, if you want to try its advanced features, you’d better sign in.. It's very easy to sign up for an account.

Key Features

Compared to the other online whiteboards on the market, Whiteboard Fox's homepage is very simple, but it really doesn't have any drawbacks because it has everything you need. You can draw with your bare hands, draw lines, erase your drawing, add pictures, add text and snapshot. The “Undo” and “Redo” buttons in the top can help you go back to what it was when you draw down something you don't like. Click “Ruler”, then you will find all lines you draw are straight lines. 

You can tap “Fullscreen” when you are doing a presentation, so that your audience can enjoy a more clear page. Tap on “Copy all” and you will get a copy of the present whiteboard in the new page. If you want to view your whiteboard at night, you can also toggle dark mode after you sign in, because this feature can only be used by an active subscription.

Although Whiteboard Fox doesn't require a login, you can still share your finished whiteboard with others by sending them a link, and you can also set their access rights, allowing them to view it only or giving them the ability to edit it.

Of course, if you don't want to sign in, Whiteboard Fox can't store your whiteboard online. So in this case if you still want to record the whiteboard you drew this time, you can download its snapshot as an image and save it.

Whiteboard Fox Cases

You can use Whiteboard Fox in many cases. Here are some common examples for you. You can give it a try now.

  1. Methematics learning

The process of learning mathematics can involve the use of Whiteboard Fox, which contains prepared subject matter as illustrated in the first following picture. The shared link allows participants to access the material through Whiteboard Fox. The material can be accessed on a laptop, an ipad or a smartphone as depicted in the last following picture.


  1. Drawing and doodling

You can also try to drawing pictures in Whiteboard Fox. Just free your imagination and depict whatever you want to depict. Here are some amazing works for you.

  1. Temporary presentation

If you are suddenly informed to do a presenation which needs pictures and notes, Whiteboard Fox can come for help. You can paste the picture and text you need here, and start your presentation quickly. And you can also draw a mindmap for your audience to get your points quickly.


Whiteboard Fox provides three types of different versions for its users: Personal, Pro and Enterprise. 

Personal: Free. You can draw in 7 colors, but keep in mind that your whiteboards expire after 14 days.

Pro: $7 per month. You can draw in 67 colors and you can choose when the whiteboards expire. In this version you have the dark mode option and there is no advertisement in the process that you use.

Enterprise: $15 per user per month. You can use all pro plan features. Besides, you can make a self-hosted whiteboard database, and choose the option of “no anonymous participants”. There is also a flexible billing option for you.

NearHub vs. Whiteboard Fox

NearHub is a whiteboard SaaS with more powerful features than Whiteboard Fox.


  • More whiteboards: In contrast to Whiteboard Fox, you can create many whiteboards on NearHub at the same time, and they will never expire. You can also rename and add stars to different whiteboards.
  • Better User Interface: 

The UI of NearHub:

The UI of Whiteboard Fox:

  • Templates: NearHub offers a bunch of templates as well as a set of built-in tools to help you create freely on its infinite canvas. You can create a workflow or a mind map with a simple click.
  • Accessibility: NearHub has a web app, a mobile app and a tablet app, and the canvases of the later two are available for both iOS and Android customers. While Whiteboard Fox only builds a website.
  • Team setting: All whiteboards created on NearHub don't belong to an account but to a team. The setting greatly promotes data security of every team on NearHub. And when you pay for more features, you pay as a team. 
  • Interaction in collaboration: NearHub is also more friendly for collaboration. When you invite your teammate to join the board, they can view and edit your whiteboard from their computer directly. And most importantly, all editing is displayed in real time. 

NearHub's Pricing

NearHub offers four versions: Free, Pro, Education and Enterprise.

Free: Free. It offers 4 editable boards, all canvas tools and unlimited visitor access.

Pro: $9.99 per month. It offers unlimited editable boards, project folders and recycling bins.

Education: $7.99 per month. It offers education discount and education email limited.

Enterprise: Contract for pricing.It offers unlimited collaborators (view & comment & edit), unlimited cloud storage, and dedicated customer service.

Compared to Whiteboard Fox, NearHub provides a more powerful whiteboard SaaS. Besides, NearHub offers a large physical board for users, so you can enjoy the benefits of a big screen and the convenience of creating online at the same time. Click the link to view more about the NearHub whiteboard to improve your efficiency.


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