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What is Activinspire & How to download Activinspire

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By The NEARHUB Team April 27, 2023

ActivInspire is a free lesson planning and delivery. The easy-to-use software offers teachers an intuitive layout to customize based on what they need.

What is Promethean Activinspire?

Promethean ActivInspire is a software tool developed by Promethean that is used for interactive whiteboards and other interactive displays. It allows teachers to create engaging, multimedia-rich lessons and activities that can be displayed on interactive whiteboards or shared with students through a variety of platforms. In addition to its user-friendly design, the program incorporates a diverse set of tools and capabilities that enable educators to create lessons tailored to students of varying ages and levels. Among its numerous resources are a substantial library of freely accessible flipcharts, background images, activity templates, music, images and many more!

ActivInspire software boasts an adaptable interface that teachers can align with their subject matter, experience level, and teaching style. Promethean continues to add more features and upgrades that you might find useful while planning classes.

What is Activinspire flipcharts?

ActivInspire flipcharts are digital presentations or interactive multimedia resources that educators can create using the ActivInspire software. Flipcharts enable teachers to create engaging and interactive classroom materials that can be used on interactive whiteboards or other displays.

A flipchart may include a variety of content such as images, text, videos, and interactive activities that can be used for group work or individual assignments. Flipcharts allow educators to create interactive lessons and activities that engage students’ attention and increase retention.

ActivInspire provides a range of flipcharts templates that educators can use as a foundation for developing their own personalized lessons. With this app, teachers can animate ideas and subjects using backgrounds, images, and multimedia files to create engaging, interactive and fun lessons.

Why should we choose Activinspire?

Classrooms around the world are becoming more digital to enhance the learning experience. ActivInspire is a learning tool that follows in step, making learning fun and interesting. When you download ActivInspire on your Windows device, you get access to an intuitive dashboard that gives you an assortment of features.

Intuitive and customizable interface

One of the best parts about using ActivInspire is that it offers users a customizable interface. This means that you can change the layout of the application and personalize different toolbars, so it’s easier for your students to explore. This functionality is quite useful, irrespective of whether you’re teaching primary school children or high school kids.  

Supports multiple profile creation

When you start using this computer application to plan your classes, you’ll find that you can create multiple profiles using one account. This functionality lets you create separate profiles for students, subjects, groups, and other teachers. Moreover, the program also offers a choice between two interface options - Primary and Secondary - so you can create different layouts for various age groups.

Access free and engaging Flipcharts

According to Promethean, Flipcharts are like interactive presentations to deliver lessons. You can create and use Flipcharts to plan a whole range of lesson plans. Additionally, you can visit the myPromethean Library to access over thirty thousand Flipcharts created by teachers from around the globe. There, you can find and download these free Flipcharts using the filter and preview options available.

Tailor activities to your subject matter

Similar to Flipcharts, ActivInspire gives users a range of personalized activities! You can access over 10 different templates that include games for matching, crossword, memory, flashcards, and more.

All of these templates can be changed to reflect the subject matter of your choice. Not only will this help your students learn in an interactive and engaging manner, but give them a break from the traditional classroom environment.

Make the best of existing resources

One of the reasons behind the popularity of ActivInspire is its extensive library that contains ready-to-use resources. You can easily plan lessons on the platform by accessing available images, shapes, activities, flipcharts, and other learning resources.

To make your classes more interactive, you can include audio, videos, and images from internal and external sites. You can even import files that you have used prior, such as PDFs, multimedia files, PPTs, Google Slides, and more.

Offers a range of training tools

In case you’re thinking about using ActivInspire to plan your lessons, you’ll be happy to know that the company provides users with learning tools. Click here to get Top 3 ActivInspire tools.

You can access the Training Hub available on Promethean’s website and learn more about ActivInspire, as well as any tips and tricks made available. The company also offers various tutorials, documentation, and guides that can help you use ActivInspire.

ActivInspire VS ActivStudio

ActivInspire and ActivStudio are both interactive whiteboard software products developed by Promethean, but there are a few key differences between the two.

ActivStudio was the original interactive whiteboard software created by Promethean and was available until 2010. It was popular among educators for its user-friendly interface and powerful tools, allowing users to create engaging and interactive lessons, quizzes, and other educational content.

ActivInspire is the successor to ActivStudio and is currently a flagship product by Promethean. It is a more advanced interactive whiteboard software that offers enhanced features, expanded capability, enhanced interactivity, and compatibility across many devices, including interactive whiteboards, tablets, and smartphones. It is known for its powerful multimedia capabilities, large library of resources, collaboration options, and an intuitive interface. Moreover, ActivInspire includes upgrades to the design of the software and memory limits, thus enhancing the user experience and making classroom technology easier to .

Overall, ActivInspire is considered to be an upgraded version of ActivStudio and is the current product design for Promethean.

How to download Activinspire?

ActivInspire is available for free download on all major platforms and works well with Promethean’s other products like ActivBoard and whiteboards.

As of now, there are two versions of ActivInspire download: the Personal Edition and Professional Edition. The personal version is available to all users for free and contains practical features for teachers and students alike. In case you opt for the paid version, you will get access to additional functionalities, including a screen recorder and handwriting recognizer, among others.

ActiveInspire download also lets users interact with online content directly from its dashboard. That is quite useful for lesson planning where you might want to show videos, news feeds, top stories, and other content between classes. Using this feature will help you avoid switching between various windows and save you precious learning minutes that would have otherwise been lost.

To download free ActivInspire, you can follow these steps:

  1. Click here to go to ActivInspire download 

  1. A page will appear with the option to download ActivInspire for your operating system (Windows, Mac or Linux).
  2. Fill in the required fields on the form presented on the next page, then click “Submit”.

  1. You will shortly receive a confirmation email with a link to download ActivInspire. If you have not received the confirmation email after 10 minutes, be sure to check your spam folder, and then go to the ActivInspire Download page to try again.

Selected Promethean hardware users are entitled to upgrade to ActivInspire Professional Edition free of charge.

Note that some versions of ActivInspire may require a product key to activate the software. If this is the case, you will be prompted to enter the key during the installation process.

How to use ActivInspire?

ActivInspire is a powerful tool for creating interactive, multimedia-rich lessons and activities, and its intuitive design makes it easy to use. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the ActivInspire softwareon your computer.
  2. Choose a template or create a new flipchart.
  3. Use the toolbar to select various tool options such as pens, shapes or templates.
  4. Add images, text, and multimedia content such as videos and audio to your flipchart by clicking the “Insert” menu on the toolbar.
  5. Save your presentation by clicking on the “File” menu on the toolbar, and choose save or save as.
  6. Present your flipchart by connecting your computer to an interactive whiteboard or other compatible display and using the ActivInspire toolbar to navigate through your flipchart.
  7. Engageyour audience by using the interactive features, including pens, highlighters, and on-screen manipulatives.
  8. Review and evaluate your presentation by looking at the data logs from previous presentations to identify areas for improvement.
  9. Finally, you can also shareyour flipchart with others by exporting and sharing it in various formats such as PDF, HTML or SCORM.

Learn the basics of creating engaging activities and lessons within ActivInspire and increase your confidence using the software as a valuable lesson delivery method. You can choose different videos for your own situation, such as Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert.

You can also click here to get more details through the video(How to use Promethean ActivInspire : A guide for teachers).


In conclusion, Activinspire is a powerful and user-friendly educational software that is widely used by teachers and students around the world. It offers various interactive tools and resources that encourage engagement, creativity and collaboration during classroom lessons. To download Activinspire, users can visit the Promethean Planet website and follow the simple steps to install the software on their computers. With its easy-to-use features and vast range of educational resources, Activinspire has become an essential tool for modern-day teaching and learning.

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