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The 5 Best Online Whiteboards to Visualize Thoughts and Ideas in 2023

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By The NEARHUB Team March 16, 2023
Whiteboard SaaS
Online Whiteboard

Office is back now, but it’s not back to how it was before. This means whiteboard also needs to take its digital leap to enable online collaboration to be fast and convenient. In this case, a SaaS whiteboard can serve as a great tool for collaborators. Let’s see what it is and I’d like to share 5 best online whiteboard softwares with you.

What is Whiteboard SaaS?

Software as a service (or SaaS) is a way of delivering applications over the Internet—as a service. 

An excellent way to understand the SaaS model is to think of it as a buffet of software options, where you only pay for what you eat. You can enjoy the buffet but have no idea about how to cook. Similarly, you can try out different applications and services after you pay and sign in, leaving all operation and maintenance service to software developers.

The 5 Best online whiteboards

Miro – Best Free Online Whiteboard 

Ziteboard – Best Online Whiteboard for Android

Limnu for teaching students remotely

Stormboard for creating multiple whiteboards in a single brainstorming session

InVision Freehand for annotating design files with a team

1. Miro – Best Free Online Whiteboard

Key Features

  • The user design interface is pretty good, making the whiteboard simple to navigate in a remote setting.
  • The whiteboard can be used in a video meeting to visualize and build in shared team space.
  • Wherever your team is, it is easy to collaborate with them since Miro is available on all devices (mobile phone apps, desktops, and interactive displays) .
  • All of the data stored on the whiteboard is kept safe and secure with enterprise-grade data protection.
  • This tool is highly efficient, because it provides its users with templates of ready-made frameworks and proven workflows.


  • Free: Free – Includes one workspace with 3 editable boards, a library of 1000+ Miro and community-made templates, and app integration.
  • Starter:From $10/member/month billed monthly – Includes all features of the free plan as well as receiving full access to private boards with essential features, and much more.
  • Business:From $20/per member/month billed monthly – Includes the same features as the starter plan, along with advanced security measures, which are great for collaboration with people outside the team or organization.
  • Enterprise: Price plan is customized via sales team – Includes business plan features, and the user can customize the package to the features they want to use. This plan allows guaranteed SLAs and premium customer support are available 24/7.

2. Ziteboard – Best Online Whiteboard for Android

Key Features

  • Its anonymous whiteboard feature enables both students and teachers to use it directly without any registration or sign-in.
  • Its white-label service enables you to embed the whiteboard into your web page easily with just a few starting steps.
  • Voice and video chat features allow you to have effective yet real-time cooperation with groups, class fellows, and any other person.
  • You can save your whiteboards in PDF form and print them as well. Graph plotter add-on enables you to have an interactive graphic calculator.
  • It has a WordPress Plugin for embedding and customized boards for your important events and happenings.
  • It is optimized for Wacom and iPad to enhance the graphics and writing styles of your boards. Also, it has a simple JSON-based API and user management.


  • Starter: It’s free and has features like 3 boards, infinite shared whiteboards, sticky notes, and many more.
  • Weekly: It has a one-time payment of $5 and offers infinite boards, highlighter pens, text chat, and more.
  • Monthly: It costs $9/month and offers infinite shared whiteboards, PDF import, public and private boards, and many more.
  • Annual: It has custom colors, image import, audio and video chat, and many other features with an annual subscription of $85.
  • Enterprise: Email them for a quote. It offers all Pro features, API, encryption, and many more amazing features.


3. Limnu 

for teaching students remotely

Key Features

  • It is also ideal for tutors and students with attractive drawing tools and video conferencing features. Also, it is free for students.
  • It comes with a large storage space so that you always have enough storage space for you and your team.
  • Access to all the apps and devices so you never have to stop your work when you are away as it works best for remote teams.
  • Sharing your projects with your team members and clients is very easy and your projects are secure.
  • Team admin control gives you full control over the privacy and security of your board. You can decide who can access your board and who cannot.


  • Free: It is free for 14 days with unlimited board collaborators and many other features.
  • Pro: It costs $5 per month with unlimited boards and collaborators, gives a $10 discount per year, and private and collaborative board options.
  • Team: It saves $16 per year and costs $8 per month. It gives unlimited boards, team members, team or private boards, and team security controls.
  • Enterprise: Enterprise has features of Team and Pro with a dedicated customer success manager and personalized training and onboarding program. API requires no download, and no registration, and hosts all aspects of whiteboard use.

4. Stormboard 

for creating multiple whiteboards in a single brainstorming session

Key Features

  • You can have all your problems solved instantly with its brainstorming feature that allows you to clarify, explain, and have feedback and discussions with your team.
  • Have a smooth collaboration with your remote team members through sticky notes, sharing your concepts, and innovative whiteboards.
  • It has a 256-bit SSL internet connection which is certified to protect your data.
  • It provides built-in business processes to start your business with ready-to-use widgets and templates.
  • Have meetings right away, the moment you want, and generate informative and progressive reports with its quick and instant meeting notes.
  • Easily assign tasks and manage your projects according to your desire along with your team to turn concepts into actions.


  • Personal: This is one of the free online whiteboards that are specifically for individuals. It has 5 open Storms, and integrations with Slack, Teams, Flow, and others. It also offers basic reporting + exports, and more.
  • Business: It costs $10 per month and gives 10 Storm viewers, folders, data imports, pre-made templates, the ability to customize all templates, multiple Storm Administrators, and many other features.
  • Enterprise: Enterprise includes all Business features plus invoice billing, customized demos + training, custom teams, and service agreements, branded templates and reporting, and much more. It costs $16.67/month.

5. InVision Freehand 

for annotating design files with a team

Key Features

  • It offers a vector drawing tool through which you can easily draw on images, Photoshop, and make sketches.
  • Open API is an extensive application integration that makes managing your projects stress-free and easy.
  • You can control who can view your projects and also the person who gets the work. Its freehand drawing tools enable you to instantly add comments and suggestions.
  • The layout engine enables developers to regulate and scale their designs to adjust to any device regardless of its size.
  • The accounts that are made on InVision are managed on the cloud as well. With the cloud, the workforce becomes flexible and organized.
  • You can also embed InVision into different apps such as Trello, Jira, Slack, etc. to enhance the power of your development.


  • Free: This plan is free and offers 1 prototype.
  • Starter: It gives 3 prototypes and costs $15 per month.
  • Professional: Professional costs $25 per month and offers unlimited prototypes.
  • Team: The team offers unlimited prototypes and up to 5 team members. Its pricing is $99 per month.
  • Enterprise: Enterprise has advanced features with unlimited prototypes. It offers to spark design-driven innovation, lighting-fast screen designing, animation, prototype, add extensions, and many more striking features.

Now, whiteboard SaaS, or online whiteboard is a wide trend. NearHub Board also has its own software. Compared with the 5 whiteboards above, NearHub Board offers you not only a feature-rich application but also a big screen. Click here to view more on the NearHub Board.




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