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How does Whiteboard SaaS Help Employees Improve Efficiency

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By The NEARHUB Team March 24, 2023
Whiteboard SaaS
Improve Efficiency

What do you usually do with an online whiteboard?

Do you want to know how other people use their digital boards?

In order to help you explore more applications, we compiled 11 NearHub user's feedback. NearHub is an online whiteboard with a SaaS Business Model. And since these 11 users are from various jobs and industries, including education, hotel, real estate and Internet, their experience and feedback must inspire you to use your board in another way.

Use Case 1

Johnson Ling

A trainer of a logistics technology company

Usage scenario:

-Using NearHub to organize various video conferences, eg. iteration review meeting, demand splitting meeting, demand estimation meeting.

-Using NearHub to synchronize all data and strategy of the training team.


With the help of NearHub, I can explain something complex in a simple way. That’s very important for me because I am not only a trainer but also a R&D personnel.

Besides, in the past we review our projects by writing or printing them down on paper. And sometimes we used a pile of sticky notes on a common whiteboard, which we would throw away after the meeting.

But now with NearHub, every conclusion we made at a review meeting can be recorded, stored and sorted for future review. It greatly improves our later work.

Use Case 2

Molly May

A trainer of a non-profit education organization

Usage scenario:

-Using NearHub to teach non-profit online courses.


I work in a non-profit education organization and need to teach teachers in Xinjiang, Yunnan and Tibet remotely. I started to try NearHub last year because I have been thinking about how to make online teaching more experiential and NearHub can be very good at visual presentation and promoting everyone's participation.

The first time I used NearHub was to make a linking question, where we were divided into groups to PK and drag and drop multiple topics and course explanations to match one by one. This year's usage of NearHub was more diverse. I wanted to make my friends in Shanghai happy in spite of the pandemic, so I passed the oh cards online and played two games called “Life Time Machine” and “Story Solitaire”.

Use Case 3


Senior Branding Manager of a nutraceutical company

Usage scenario:

-Using NearHub to organize online workshops.


I first met NearHub in my MBA class. Due to the epidemic, a course where 50% of the discussion was moved online, which was a big challenge for both the instructor and us.

Fortunately, with the help of NearHub, the course went smoothly. From the icebreaker to the group discussion, and later to the summary presentation, Online experience is almost the same as offline.

Watching the cursor with the students' avatars flying on the screen was like going back to our familiar classroom. After the class, I also organized an online workshop in my department. Using NearHub's own meeting template, and with a little modification, we had our own canvas. The discussion went smoothly and the output was very surprising.

NearHub allows co-creation without the limitation of space. No matter where you are, you can believe that "we are marvelous when we are together"!

Use Case 4


A trainer of a hotel

Usage scenario:

-Conducting corporate culture classes with NearHub.


NearHub allows us to move many interactive activities of offline courses online, which is very convenient and useful, and we achieve a good interactive effect in our lectures.

In the future, we will continue to use NearHub Whiteboard to bring more offline interactions online and improve the effectiveness of training.

Use Case 5

Doctor Liu

A university instructor

Usage scenario:

-Online Interactive Teaching with NearHub


NearHub, as an interactive whiteboard, solves our problem of teacher-student interaction and student-student interaction jams in the classroom, and also inspires teachers to teach with creativity.

Use Case 6

Tao Tao

A senior consultant in the training industry

Usage scenario:

-Making a common teamwork calendar with NearHub.

-Using it to complete an interactive review session before the end of the online course.


I created a work calendar on the NearHub whiteboard to visualize the respective tasks at a glance. Anyone on the team can easily access it, both on mobile and on computer.

What's more, with NearHub, even if you are forced to work from home because of the epidemic, training, employee icebreakers, team meetings and reunions can still be conducted smoothly and even more fun.

Use Case 7

Shaw Ya

HR in Internet industry

Usage scenario:

-Internal online culture wall display;

-Onboard guide for new employees;

-Training and new hire breaking the ice;

-Presenting information that does not rely heavily on documentation


HR work involves a lot of information output (new employee training, culture handbook, etc.), which previously relied on documents and PPTs. But the online whiteboard has changed the form of information delivery to a more visual and interesting format, increasing readability and interest.

And even if you are forced to work from home because of the epidemic, training, employee icebreakers and group building can still be conducted smoothly and even more fun.

Use Case 8

Mr. White

A university student

Usage Scenarios:

-Collaboration on school group project assignments, such as content collection updates and task assignment; 

-Conducting online interactive meetings


NearHub has made group collaboration a lot more efficient! Previously, everyone always worked on their own without updating what was discussed in a timely manner.

Now with the NearHub whiteboard, everyone in the group can clearly know the current progress and what they have to do.

Use Case 9

Wei Zhang

In-house trainer in real estate industry

Usage Scenarios:

-Project Brainstorming

-Facilitating Online Workshop

-On-line training sessions


NearHub greatly improves the quality of online training and activities.

Use Case 10


A business system director in automotive industry

Usage Scenarios:

-Strategy Co-Creation|Vision Mission Values Promotion

-Employee Commemorative Album

-Brainstorming|Project Planning

-Process Optimization|Team Review|Departmental Monthly Meeting


NearHub creates visual stimulation and makes ideas concrete.

Through NearHub, interpersonal connections can be well established, and the space can be reorganized and integrated efficiently.

Use Case 11

Harry Ford

A course development consultant in education industry

Usage Scenarios:

-Designing online seminar templates for corporate online training courses for instructors and students


Through NearHub, I can work better with my team members! Our collaboration efficiency has increased a lot!

NearHub Board also offers you a large physical smart board with powerful whiteboard software, so you can enjoy the benefits of a big screen and the convenience of online collaboration at the same time. Click the link to view more about the NearHub whiteboard to improve your efficiency.  

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