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Becoming a better ideator: what it is and how to do it better with NearHub Whiteboard?

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By The NEARHUB Team August 9, 2023

What is an Ideator?

·Definition of ideator

Ideator refers to an individual who is highly creative and imaginative, constantly generating new ideas and concepts. They possess a unique ability to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions to problems. Ideators often have a strong intuition and are able to make connections between seemingly unrelated ideas or concepts. They thrive in brainstorming sessions and are known for their ability to inspire and motivate others with their visionary thinking. Overall, an ideator is someone who is constantly generating and exploring new ideas, pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation.


·Role and Tasks of the Ideator

In a team, the ideator is the role responsible for laying out and participating in the team's forward planning. They are responsible for tasks such as idea creation, framework design, and macro layout, and they upload these tasks to team members. The ideator plays a crucial role in the team, and their ideation skills and creativity have a direct impact on the team's development and results.


However, how to become a better ideator? In recent years, with the development of technology, the use of whiteboards has become a powerful tool for ideators, with NearHub whiteboards offering even more convenience and advantages to ideators.


How can we use the whiteboard to become a better ideator?

1.Idea content enhancement

·Boundless whiteboards plus mind maps to diffuse thinking

NearHub whiteboards offer borderless whiteboards and mind mapping features that allow ideators to think freely and expand the possibilities of their ideas. The borderless whiteboard gives them a wide space to brainstorm without worrying about space limitations. At the same time, the mind mapping function helps ideators to organize their thoughts into a clear structure, making ideas more organized and easier to understand.From there, the foundation is laid for explaining ideas to team members.


·Mix and match multimedia for audio-visual inspiration

"Creativity is the ability to connect seemingly unrelated things." This is a famous quote once said by Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple.Content ideators can be wildly creative in their ideas, they may think of a website video one moment, a comment on a post the next, or the melody of a song the next.Inspiration is fleeting and ideators need to record everything they find useful and then correlate it for reference and comparison.


NearHub Whiteboard supports the insertion of a variety of multimedia, such as pictures, videos, etc., which enables conceptualizers to capture their momentary inspirations and ideas by inserting relevant multimedia materials and presenting them on the whiteboard. This combination of multimedia can stimulate the imagination and creativity of conceptualizers, helping them to generate more new ideas and record them.If there is a need for traceability and change in subsequent practice, it is also good to be able to do so in an informed way on the whiteboard where the inspiration is recorded.


2.From ideator to clarifier, explaining your own ideas

·Flowcharts make storyboarding more intuitive

The NearHub whiteboard can be freely drawn as a flowchart or filled with a selection of existing models.Using the flowcharting tool in the whiteboard, ideator can present the idea in a visual way to help team members better understand and follow the idea's thought process.A successful ideator is also a good clarifier and has the ability to clearly articulate their content.

·Interactive whiteboards make it easier to exchange ideas

Through the interactive NearHub whiteboard, the clarifier can exchange views and ideas with team members more conveniently, promoting the collision and interaction of ideas. The ideator's own thinking process can be fully displayed through the whiteboard mind map used in the ideation, so that the colleagues can more intuitively feel the whole idea. At the same time, the colleagues can access the shared whiteboard, put forward questions and comments in real time, and reformulate with the ideator, making the content more optimized while understanding the content, and laying the foundation for the change to implement.


3.From ideator to implementer, translating ideas into practice


Ideation is indeed a fun thing to mobilize one's inspiration, but don't let this content just remain a mind map on a whiteboard page, hiding the greater use it should be put to. It's time for our ideators and his or her colleagues to turn into implementers, and work with your teammates to put your ideas into practice.


NearHub whiteboards not only provide idea creation and sharing capabilities, but also the ability to turn ideas into practical plans and steps. Through the sharing and collaboration features on the whiteboard, the idea generator can work with team members to develop an implementation plan and make real-time follow-ups and adjustments. The whiteboard's real-time editing and erasing capabilities allow the ideator to easily modify and organize ideas to ensure that the final implementation plan is better and more feasible.


All in all, an ideator needs to constantly improve his or her ideation skills and creativity.To be a better ideator, not only needs to improve the quality of the content, but also needs to be a good clarifier and implementer at the same time.With the functionality and advantages of the NearHub whiteboards, the ideators are able to ideate and communicate with each other more conveniently and easily. Then they can translate ideas into practice better and work with team members to accomplish goals. Whether in a team or individually, NearHub whiteboards can be a powerful assistant for ideators, helping them to become better.

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