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4 Reasons for WeWorkers to Love NearHub Board in Cooperation

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By The NEARHUB Team March 10, 2023

WeWork typically offers flexible coworking solutions to entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses. However, today, after the COVID-19 pandemic, WeWork has become synonymous with coworking, and even large enterprises sometimes prefer coworking spaces. As people gradually return to the office, WeWorkers are seeking new ways to promote face-to-face collaboration and improve efficiency despite limited funds and workspace.

As a result, interactive whiteboards are quickly becoming a must-have in shared workspaces. They remove communication barriers and help coworkers quickly understand each other through annotations and workflows written on the whiteboard. With advanced touchscreen technology, whiteboarding and screencasting features, and integration with top teamwork tools, interactive displays like the NearHub Board offer strong advantages for in-office collaboration.

Read on to discover 4 reasons for WeWorkers choose NearHub Board to maximize their efficiency as well as control equipment expenditure.  

All-in-one solution for collaboration

A shared office typically means smaller space for each enterprise compared to a traditional office. Therefore, in order to save space, WeWorkers prefer multifunctional machines with the power of several tools at the same time.

The NearHub Board is the all-in-one solution in this case. Our digital whiteboard combines the functions of eight tools in one. A NearHub Board in the office can be regarded as an integration of a projector, a computer, a whiteboard, and a TV, eliminating the need for extra displays or monitors. Its built-in AI-powered camera and microphone can also save you time in connecting them. More importantly, the roller holder under the NearHub Board enables WeWorkers to move it at any time. You can easily take the device out of the office on your own, even if your contract expires tomorrow and you have no one to help you.

Focused, noise-free meetings

Online meetings can be a pain point for employers in shared workspaces. If your space lacks organization or other teams in the same room make unwanted noise while you're speaking online, your audience is likely to be distracted and even annoyed.

Designed to suppress various kinds of unnecessary sounds, the NearHub whiteboard can provide your listeners with focused, noise-free meetings wherever you are. The digital board is equipped with 24 array microphones at a 180-degree wide angle and an 8-meter voice pickup range. NearHub is committed to delivering the best video conferencing experience, and all undesirable sounds can be suppressed or even cancelled, such as air conditioner noise, footsteps, keyboard clicks, and document flipping noise.

NearHub has also considered that there may be more than one speaker speaking at the same time, so we support full duplex with echo cancellation, fixing the problem of audio delay in your remote collaboration.

Highly engaging presentations

Many WeWorkers are used to having a physical whiteboard for their presentations and brainstorming sessions and are reluctant to go all-in on digital. If that describes you, you might lean towards NearHub because it feels so much like a real whiteboard. You can write, draw, or do anything you like on the smart board with a smart pen.

Employees who choose WeWork usually need visible brainstorming with their coworkers. NearHub is the perfect solution for organizing brainstorming sessions. Our whiteboard has several key features that can meet the needs of both remote and offline presentations.

  • Infinite canvas. While physical whiteboards might have size restrictions, going digital shouldn't come with limits. NearHub borad have an unlimited, ever-expanding canvas, so however complicated your contents are, as long as you can write down, NearHub Board can accommodate them. And when you have an unlimited canvas, your presentation will never be troubled with writing size restriction.
  • Ability to attach files. Speakers in the presentation may find that they have to attach links, images, and other files to help listeners understand what they are illustrating about. So the ability to attach files and pictures is very important. Notably on NearHub board, you can not only add files and various shapes for creating a work flow easily, but also use local formwork to build your workflow or minding map with simply a click.
  • Presentation options. Because whiteboards are so often used for both ideation and presentation, users need to sharing their whiteboard online, exporting it, or a dedicated presentation mode. In this situation NearHub serves as a indispensable tool to present your consequence.

The incredible accessibility everywhere

Whether you're working on your own ideas or collaborating on a shared whiteboard with a team, chances are high that you'd like to have access to the whiteboard even if you're not seated at your desk. This means it has to be accessible through the web and ideally on mobile devices, and that is exactly the feature that NearHub possesses. You can access your board through two ways: by making sure that your mobile devices and NearHub are connected to the same WiFi, or by using the built-in hotspot provided by NearHub itself. Yes, NearHub has a hotspot, so feel free to connect to it when you can't find any other WiFi hotspot.

Interested in learning more about NearHub? Check out our all-in-one hybrid meeting solutions here, so your team can huddle, collaborate, brainstorm, ideate, and present, from anywhere.

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